Know When You Are Most Productive

Leverage data to highlight and protect your most valuable coding time

Focus Calendar showing the best times to work.

Empower others to schedule mindfully

Share your calendar to let them schedule time outside your focus hours.

Data driven

Just keep coding. Your calendar will automatically pick up on changes in pattern or schedule.

Integrates with Google Calendar

Subscribe via Google Calendar to understand how meetings impact your focus.

Focus Calendar showing the best times to work.

How it works

Set your target coding duration in your personalization settings. Keep on coding. We will do the heavy lifting.

The algorithm will automtically produce blocks matching your desired daily coding duration centered around your most focused hours.

If you are just getting started the focus calendar will automatically show up in your personal feed once you have been coding long enough to provide the algorithm with enough information.

Stick with tools you love

Exclude focus hours from your Calendly to transparently allow others to meet outside your most productive time.

Subsribe to your calendar inside of Goolge Calendar or other iCalendar-compatible apps. Or, just go ahead and share the calendar link.

Exclude Stateful clendar from Calendly's available slots

Ready to prioritize your focus time?

How to add your focus calendar to Google Calendar. Only necessary if you do not want to use the "Add to your Google Calendar" link due to Google's limitations.

Step 1: Copy Calendar Link

A click on the clipboard icon will copy the calendar link into your clipboard. The link will be unique to you and include a secret in the query parameters. It returns are iCalendar compatible format with your latest focus calendar. Only share the link with trusted parties; if at all.

Copy calendar link

Step 2: Open Google Calendar

Switch to your Google Calendar tab if already open or click here.

Copy calendar link

Step 3: Subscribe to Calendar

Paste the link into the text box and click "Add Calendar" which will add a calendar subcribed to the iCalendar feed.

Copy calendar link

Step 4: Rename Calendar (optional)

Google Calendar will name the calendar after its URL. You can change the Name in the calendar's settings.

Copy calendar link