We build happiness tools for developers

We build software to help developers maintain sustainable working habits and take control of their personal growth.


About us

Just the basics.

Where are you located?
Our team is primarily located in the Bay Area, but working remotely.
What is your mission?
To enable software developers to thoughtfully advance their craft.
Are you hiring?
We are primarily looking for scrappy ML/AI and full-stack folks, check our careers page or email hello@stateful.com if interested.
Are you funded?
Yes, we raised pre-seed capital from the awesome folks at Fly Ventures.
Fly Venture

Our founders

Adam Christian

Adam Christian

Cofounder / CEO

Sebastian Tiedtke

Sebastian Tiedtke

Cofounder / CTO

Our values

The principles that define how the humans at Stateful operate.

Do the right thing

We constantly calibrate our moral compass and thoughtfully make decisions that are best for our team, our customers and the future of our company.

Do your homework

We educate ourselves and come prepared with context and insight. This helps to align the company, streamline communication and avoid costly miscommunications.

Keep moving forward

We celebrate the ability to identify a fork in the road, make a decision and execute.

Close the loop

We play like a team. That means understanding our own bandwidth and abilities, taking responsibility for our initiatives, and learning from our mistakes.

Live your life

We value balanced individuals. We ask for help, take the time we need, make necessary changes in work/life and are honest with ourselves and the company.