Use VS Code to check in with yourself
Understand whether efforts match your goals. Let VS Code do the heavy lifting.
Inside your IDE
Between chores and passion projects our perception of time is heavily skewed. Get clarity from your VS Code.
  • Review whether projects fit within the alotted time
  • Record questions & blockers to share with peers
  • Compare days and pick up on trends
  • Designed for team meetings & standups
Check it out, it's free:
$ code --install-extension stateful.stable
Right in your terminal
Pipe yesterday's progress back into your brain with a single command.
  • Right from where you feel at home
  • Built for team meetings & standup contributions
  • Refresh your memory, collaborate with peers
  • Schedule-aware, score, ratings, and more!
$ stateful standup # install instructions below
Install instructions for all platforms below. Learn more in this blog post.

CLI Install Instructions (all platforms)
Please note that the CLI will automatically prompt you to install Stateful's VS Code extension.
Using Homebrew
$ brew install stateful/tap/stateful
Binary (architectures: arm64, x86_64)
$ curl -sLO "$(uname -m).tar.gz"
Use it!
$ stateful standup
The standup command will automatically prompt for login.
$ stateful auth login
$ stateful help

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