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Optimize for flow, code better, be happy.

Install from the VS Code Marketplace
Or, install from the CLI:
code --install-extension stateful.stable

Navigate and reload your daily standup directly into your brain from the terminal.
  • GIT branches and files
  • Activity, hours and streaks
  • Coding notes and annotations
  • Score, self ratings, and more!
Install the CLI
$ brew install stateful/tap/stateful
VS Code Dashboard
Flow insights
Based on interruptions, context switching, activity, working hours and focus time, we provide you with a real-time stateful score as the day progresses.

With this, we hope to help you build some muscle memory around the quality of your productivity.
  • Stateful score and focus guidence
  • Configurable working parameters and productivity targets
  • Manage your daily productivity rating
  • Reflect on your work week through focus bubbles
  • Access and explore your standups
Install the extension
$ code --install-extension stateful.stable

Are you ready?