Your progress in real-time
Install the extension into your VS Code, understand how you code and protect your flow.
$ code --install-extension stateful.stable # no bs, it's free
App screenshot

Protect your flow
Connect with Slack and save your flow from distractions.
  • Automatically set DnD
  • Indiciate that your in flow 🔥
  • Share a custom coding status
Slack integration
Daily progress report
Pipe yesterday's progress back into your brain, just in time for daily standup.
  • Compare standups over time
  • Record questions & blockers for discussion
  • Refresh memory about projects tackled
  • Discover what days are better than others
  • Schedule-aware, score, ratings, and more!
$ brew install stateful/tap/stateful
Learn more in this blog post.

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Open Source
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The homescreen for VS Code.
GitHub (coming soon)
JavaScript state synchronization.