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Install from the VS Code Marketplace
Or, install from the CLI:
code --install-extension stateful.edge

Flow score
Based on interruptions, context switching, activity, working hours and flow-time, we provide you with a real-time flow score as the day progresses.

With this, we hope to help you build some muscle memory around the quality of your productivity.
Flow data

Slack integration
Do not disturb
Automatically configure your Slack DnD while you move in (and out) of Flow, and set your personalized real-time coding status so collaborators know where you're focused. If you want something custom, use the presence webhooks to push your status to any service you want.
Slack integration

Want to know more?

VS Code panel
Be insightful
Use your real-time flow data to make good decisions  about where to focus as your day develops. Keep tabs on interruptions and context switching, but maintain balance by taking proper breaks. If you're spinning your wheels -- we'll let you know.
Your data is available in VS Code, on the CLI, but you can always dive deep in the web analytics dashboard.
Slack integration

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