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Really liking this. It looks very nice and it's great for taking a quick mental break while coding.


Thomas Boyles


The scratch and todo sections are fantastic. I used to have a markdown tab open for my scratch / notes and I‘ve tried some todo extensions but never stuck with one. This keeps everything together nicely. It‘s a good productivity boost.


Trevor Little


Try this badboy out, you won't regret it! Marquee enables you to return to flow state in a blink of an eye!


Mario Lopez


Marquee logo - Giraffe

Coding Metrics for Devs

We translate your coding meta-data into a daily summary and cool graphs.

Standup feature from Stateful extension.


Cool graphs and summaries of how you've spent your time while coding.

Stateful features metrics for how you sepnd your time on VS Code.

Personal Coding Metrics

Cool graphs and summaries of how you spent your time while coding.

Note taking feature with the stateful extension.

Note Manager

The best note manager for VS Code (integrated, synced, contextual filtering)

Achievment streak card.


Keep track of your achievements and develop streaks of awesome work.

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Marquee logo - Giraffe

Meet Marquee

The open source homescreen for VS Code.

List of repos from marquee github widget.


Widgets like News, GitHub trends, and Weather to keep you informed before you start work.

List of todos from marquee todo widget.


Widgets centered around helping stay productive like keeping Todos, Notes and Snippets.

Marquee VS Code Spotify Widget


Open Sourced Widgets such as VS Code Spotify integrated to run all kinds of features.

List of project repos from marquee project widget.

Navigation and Setup

Widgets dedicated to help you navigate your projects and getting to a working state faster.

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JavaScript state synchronization and event handling for various sandbox environments.