Flow data for every occasion.

Flow score
Based on interruptions, context switching, activity, working hours and flow-time, we provide you with a real-time flow score as the day progresses.

With this, we hope to help you build some muscle memory around the quality of your productivity.
Flow data

Interact with insights next to your code in the VS Code editor.
VS Code screenshot

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Command Line Interface (CLI)
Sometimes you just want to access your data from the terminal (your standup for example), so we try to make that as easy and convenient as possible.
$ brew install stateful/tap/stateful

Weekly and history
Helicopter view
Easily explore your working patterns for the last week, or use our historical heatmap to visualize the last year of activity.

You can choose to share your customized (real-time) coding status with others on the platform.

This is great for identifying the right moment for pair programming (or simply when not to interrupt your collaborators).
Coding status and presence

Standup and timeline
Context reloading
Automate your standup and immediately reload the context of past days. The better you name you branches, the more helpful we can be.

We make it super easy to autmatically set your Slack status, and to automate your 'Do not Disturb' to help you achieve more uninterrupted flow time.
Slack integration

Webhooks integration
If you want to get creative with your coding status, feel free to push a customized version anywhere you feel like it!

Extensions and themes
Keep tabs on your extensions, but also learn from what others are installing, whether there is a trending theme you shouldn't miss out on.
Extensions and themes

API Playground
API playground
We do our best to make all your data accessible through our API's. You can use our playground to see what's there and how to use it.

Customize and explore all your metrics in once place.
Web dashboard

Tech graphs
And lots more...
We build you graphs of all kinds of cool stuff including top techologies, files or branch activity over time.

We suggest you get into your dashboard to explore.

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